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Album Review - New Pair of Shoes - Green Heron - 2019

New Pair of Shoes - Green Heron

Betsy Heron & Scott Heron, make up, Green Heron, a multi instrument playing, song writing, bluegrass/folk duo from New Hampshire, USA (also a bit of trivia: they make up half of the band, Mana Ain’t Dead, that review is here). In 2019 they took up the RPM Challenge and wrote a ten-track album in a month, the result is ‘New Pair of Shoes’.

© Green Heron

I put this album on for the first time on a stunning spring morning in Eileanan Siar (Western Isles), the sky is blue, the sun shining, everything is still in the windless air, the rain from yesterday’s storm is cascading off the mountains into the beck below, while all along the roadside, the daffodils light everything up in bright yellow and white, as a Golden Eagle patrols the valley scanning for his breakfast.

This stunning vista, really sums up the album ‘New Pair of Shoes’ which starts out in a wandering tale of finding your way home in ‘Make it Home’ that continues throughout the album. Green Heron take us on a pleasant stroll through life’s ups and downs, even when tackling the subjects of love and all it entails, we are never scared away from the bright sunny picture they paint.

© Green Heron

The album is one of a complete experience, a slice of life in a sleepy nameless valley somewhere in the rolling wilderness of New Hampshire, New England. Moving from one lonely person to a loving family and then off again to a traveler making their way down a track. It's something Bluegrass does so well, reflecting a part of the life in this part of the world, like no other.

Betsy and Scott Heron also do it really beautifully, creating an album in a month that holds true to the roots of their chosen genre but still reflects modern times. An album that really deserves your time and a place in your collection.

Green Heron are live streaming throughout the lock down / worldwide pandemic at least once a week, please check them out, links are on their Facebook page here.

For more information on Green Heron, have a wander over to their website.

© Green Heron

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